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Your comfort is our priority

Baby Loop is a local brand dedicated to meeting the needs of mothers and children. In July 2015, we started this business with the desire to provide comfort for mothers and children. Therefore, we continuously develop our products both in terms of quality and service in order to satisfy you.

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Favorite ProductALL PRODUCTS


Featuring my current fav baby stuff: milky rainbow playmat and matching rattle toys from @baby-loop, in addition, it’s the perfect size for travelling because of its size and how nice it looks

@natashadap / Instagram

Hai Onty Uncle, ini salah satu spot favorit aku di rumah, Playmat rainbow dari @baby.loop. Aku suka banget main sama Mommy disini, motifnya lucu and matching sama baju aku. Bahannya juga lembut dan adem!

@nauraaliyaazz / Instagram

Halo Onty Uncle, tempat tidur itu tempat favorit aku! Setiap hari aku tidur, dan bermain bareng Mommy disini. Tempat tidur aku ini Bedding Set dari @baby-loop. Aku suka banget warnanya, selain itu empuk dan juga gak bikin gerah

@klaykenzo / Instagram